Ruum for Professional Services

Reach your goals and improve client relationships

Professional services work is high-contact work - and every professional services worker is a multi-project manager. Ruum helps you coordinate RfPs, Proof of Concepts, and customer escalations – giving you time to focus on the job at hand, whilst giving a high transparency to your management and clients.
“Ruum saved me and my team hundreds of emails and alignment meetings when coordinating smaller customer engagements".
Uwe Seidel | Consulting Manager
al Services

Why Ruum?

Create reliable and effective processes

Create reliable and effective processes

Automate the assignment of work to your team and secondary stakeholders. Work from Ruum project templates to ensure all steps are completed to your standards.
Win more client projects

Win more client projects - you’ll have time to!

As Ruum is a visual platform that lets you manage projects and processes, you can reduce that email chain of communication and focus on what you need to perform well and secure more work.
Increase visibility and trust with your clients

Increase visibility and trust with your clients

Alert project managers of pending issues, risks, and project activities. Let our AI Ada keep you in the loop of latest activities, so you can view updates and trust necessary steps are being handled.

Boost performance and demonstrate ROI

Workforce Management with Ruum

Take your workforce management up a notch

  • Collaborate with others by tracking activities, commenting on actions and more
  • Prepare project quotes and define revenue targets
  • Project collaboration platform: reduce approval cycle and have seamless communication between teams

Stay on top of customer escalations

Bring order, structure and focused management attention to customer processes using Ruum. Minimize dissatisfied customers by translating your workflows into projects and coordinate relevant stakeholders on the critical path.
  • Get your team for customer escalations together with a single click.
  • Map out all required steps in the process and who is responsible for what when
  • Store necessary files and documents that support any aspect of the process. Treat Ruum as a hub for all phases in the escalation process.
  • Listen and act accordingly to customer concerns, with experts reacting when necessary in a timely fashion.

Manage service incidents with ease

Whether we like it or not, from time to time stuff breaks or simply needs fixing. Sometimes it’s your fault and other times it isn’t. When this happens, it can deeply impact your professional relationship with your client, which is why it is important to have a coherent plan of action regarding incidents.
  • Spin up a project right from your service solution. Give all involved parties access to ticket numbers, incident details and further information
  • Map your path forward to incident resolution with Ruum’s simple timeline feature
  • Highlight estimated response time and share your plan with your team and your customers.
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